Ideally, prior to renovation, a consecutive inventory of all components and construction groups is made. The consistent thorough recording in the following classification is helpful:


The load-bearing entablature is the focus of every refurbishment. In order to exclude any risk of collapse, beam heads and connections must be examined in particular. For walled-in beams such as wooden beamed ceilings, the supports must be exposed. Mechanically damaged beams must be replaced.

Beam connections

Drafting and bolting of beams to each other and to walls is checked for durability. Corroded metal fittings and angles are replaced. In case of

mold, the depth and the degree of decomposition must be determined. If necessary, connections are renewed, reinforced or repositioned.

Supporting beams
The static load-bearing capacity must be given by obtaining at least two thirds of the wood substance. In addition, chipping and bumps can be easily removed. Torn out fortifications are replaced. With spatulas cracks, holes and gaps are closed.

Roof truss

The roof truss must be moved in accordance with the procedure for the load-bearing truss. Causes of mold and mold must be found and eliminated. In the case of insect infestation, depending on the degree of expression, thermal or chemical agents are used against woodworm or other pests.

Exterior walls and facades

The ventilation ducts under the facade must be examined for blockage-free circulation. On the outside surfaces the weather protection must be examined. Patina in coniferous wood can be left untreated. Peeled off paint or peeled glaze is remedied by repainting or installing a protective curtain.


The tightness of the roofing is checked by spraying with water and "mended" leaks.

Wall and Ceiling Fillings

The insulation and fillers behind the wall coverings are partially exposed or drilled to examine condition samples. Each wall must have at least four checkpoints on each page.

Tips & Tricks Before refurbishing wooden beams, review how long they have been performing their task. Modify constructions only if it is unavoidable for static reasons.

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