Being slim at all costs

If you look at the skinny models strutting over the catwalk, your own body measurements seem oversized and lush. This is how the majority of women feel. Particularly vulnerable to the slimming delusion are young girls. Many have an extensive diet career at an early age.

Blinded by the fashion world

Super slim models and adapted mannequins arouse in us the dream of the clothing size 34 to 36. Also on the coat hook, the coat in dress size 42 seems almost misshapen compared to the little fabric of the 36 size.

Looking at the reality far away from the catwalks, fashion seems to miss its target group by far. The average BMI for German women is 25.6. The coat in dress size 36 is there rather out of place.

So far the facts, but on the subject of slimness we seem to lack the necessary sense of reality. The slimming delusion is unbroken and awakens in many a desire for a weight that is neither achievable nor beneficial to health.

What does lean mean?

The idea of ​​what weight is ideal seems to vary widely. If the specialist societies for women define a body mass index (BMI) of 19 to 24 as a normal weight, then fans of the slimming cult consider this a clear overweight. This is the only explanation for the fact that 50 percent of girls under the age of 15 think they are too fat, even though they are normal or underweight.

According to polls, around three-quarters of women find weight below the normal weight most attractive. But for many, the target is set extremely high and far away.

Slim, beautiful and successful

In our society, leanness is equated with achievement, health and success. Thicknesses, on the other hand, are considered to be free and uncontrolled. They also often feel this from their fellow human beings. Especially overweight adolescents often suffer from scorn and mockery.

Under this pressure of suffering fall the widespread diet offers with their promises on fertile ground. Those who "keep their diet" are praised and encouraged by their environment. So it's natural to swim on the slimming wave, wherever it may lead you.

When hunger becomes a lifestyle

With role models like Victoria Beckham, Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie, a US movement has spread in Germany that appeals to particularly young girls. "Pro-Anas" call themselves the followers of anorexia nervosa (Anorexia nervosa), which mainly exchange in Internet forums and there bids like "You should eat nothing without feeling guilty!" spread. Tips for dieting, low calorie meals or laxatives and dehydrators are shared.

Whole pages are filled with good advice on how to trick your own body and the environment. For the followers of this movement, hunger becomes a life content.

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