Painting a plaster facade

In new buildings anyway and existing buildings in relatively large time intervals, it is necessary to delete the plaster facade. What you have to consider before and during the painting of the plaster façade and how you then apply the paint, we have put together for you.

The different steps when painting a plaster facade

Like almost every facade, the plaster facade must also be painted. The façade on the new building anyway, that on the existing building at intervals, which are on average ten to twenty years. In addition, there are significantly more preparatory work for the existing building:

  • Checking the load-bearing capacity of the plaster
  • If necessary, cleaning the plaster
  • Cleaning the plaster facade
  • Preparing (priming) the plaster facade
  • Painting the plaster facade in several steps

Checking the load-bearing capacity of the plaster facade

Here different techniques are used. Use a screwdriver to perform a scratch test. Sandet the plaster, it must be removed. If there are old coatings, use a craft knife to score overlapping rectangles (about 1 x 1 cm). If the color dissolves, it must be removed.

Repairing the plaster

Also make sure that you use facade paints that "bear" the old paint. Finally, perform a knocking test with a small hammer to see if larger pieces of plaster can be removed over the entire façade. If so, you must repair the facade with plaster.

Cleaning the plaster facade

Here you will find a detailed guide how to clean a plaster facade. Since you will most likely use a steam or high-pressure cleaner, be sure to clean the façade with sufficient time. If you paint the facade, it must already be completely dried again.

Preparing or priming the facade

Every plaster facade should be primed. You still have to check how absorbent the facade is. But you probably already noticed this when cleaning the plaster facade. For a particularly absorbent façade, you therefore have to apply a suitable depth surface. Allow the primer to dry properly before painting.

Painting the plaster facade

Painting the plaster facade is done in several steps. First, always edges, corners and finishes are pre-painted with a brush. When painting with the roller, you can dilute the facade paint with 10 to a maximum of 20 percent water. The two following coats are now undiluted. Please note that you apply the color in the cloister (criss-cross), so that the color is well and evenly layered.

Tips & TricksIf you have already had such problems, you can use a facade paint with anti-fungicidal effect or add anti-fungicidal active ingredients of the color.
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