MS: Workplace and application

People with multiple sclerosis (MS) should not only avoid stress at work, so as not to provoke disease relapses. That's why occupations with night or double shifts are just as unsuitable as jobs with high stress factors or long journeys. The workplace itself should be designed so that you can feel comfortable and work in peace. Make sure that the way to the nearest toilet is as short as possible and that you have access to a window that you can open during working hours to take a short break in the fresh air.

MS: Design workplace correctly

Keep the desk clean and tidy so as not to sink into chaos. Relax and calm some plants and photos from your last holiday. Extra large monitors and keyboards can make working on the PC easier. Since the course of MS is difficult to predict, you should also keep in mind whether your workplace can also be reached with the wheelchair or at least can be converted barrier-free.

As high temperatures cause many MS patients to get the lowest possible room temperature. Air conditioning is essential in summer. If it is not possible to work normally with MS in your office, you can consult with your boss about home or telework. This would also eliminate the exhausting journey to work.

Application with multiple sclerosis

If you can no longer perform your job as a result of the illness, or if you have had MS before entering professional life, you should first of all think twice about which profession you will choose. Well suited for people with multiple sclerosis artistic, creative activities or honorary posts, which usually mean flexible working hours and little stress.

In the interview, they are not required to report the disease. However, if the job demands a lot and you are not sure if you can fully afford it, you need to educate the potential employer. This also applies to a confirmed severe disability.

Multiple sclerosis: avoid stress

However, it is better to consider in advance whether you really want to expose yourself to such strenuous work. While positive stress and personal job challenge affirmation are important and beneficial to people with MS, too much stress can quickly do the opposite. Concealment of the disease can also have a negative impact on the course of the disease, as a result of the revelation and the copying of MS symptoms.

More than healthy people, MS patients need to be careful to avoid both physical and mental stress in order to live well with their illness. So try to assess your limits correctly and find out what is good for you and where you should be shorter in your career. Then nothing stands in the way of a successful working life with multiple sclerosis.

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