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Healing powers from nature stand for gentle effects without side effects - a trend that more and more doctors and pharmacists are following. Bach flowers are also becoming increasingly popular. They are named after the doctor. Edward Bach and help with anxiety, jealousy or insecurity, so negative mental states. According to Bach, these are the deeper causes of physical and mental illnesses.

Panic, desperation, discouragement - emergency drops in medicine chest

Have you ever heard of the emergency drops (rescue drops)? Not a few people swear by it: before exams, before the visit to the dentist, when the children come into the house with scared knees or after nightmares. If you ask today in pharmacies for this perhaps the most commonly used remedies from the Bach flower therapy, you will certainly not looked at in disbelief.

The emergency drops are a watery extract of five flower preparations:

  1. Impatiens (gland-bearing balsam)
  2. Star of Bethlehem (Doldiger milk star)
  3. Cherry plum (cherry plum)
  4. Rock Rose (Yellow Sunflower)
  5. Clematis (White Clematis)

They should provide first aid in case of panic or shock and calm down. But they also have a preventative effect. However, they do not replace the visit to the doctor to treat wounds.

Bach as a pioneer of psychosomatic medicine

Edward Bach (1886 - 1931) is considered a pioneer of psychosomatic medicine. His teaching is based on the principle that all physical illnesses are based on psychological causes that can be positively influenced in a preventative manner. Bach was convinced that it is not the ingredients of the plant, but their "vibrations" and "energies" that are helpful to humans.

The Bach flowers include a total of 38 different essences, which are assigned to seven different emotions in groups. For example, the yellow sunflower - see emergency drops - is assigned to fear, forest wasp essence (inferno) of insecurity, and the larch (Larch) supports self-confidence. The "tolerance flower" beech will help supercritical people to empathy and compassion.

Unusual extraction

If there were not so many convinced followers of Bach flower remedies and alternative therapies in the meantime, one would think that the process from which the essences were derived came from the manual of a herbalist. Essences of plants are made according to this ritual: Before nine o'clock in the morning, the flowers of the plants must be picked on a sunny day and placed in spring water for three hours. The liquid is preserved with cognac or brandy and diluted 1: 240.

These stock solutions are then bottled - so-called stockbottles - bottled. In further dilution stages from them then the Bach flower remedies are produced, which can take the patient. Essences from trees or shrubs are obtained by boiling the stems and leaves.

Spiritual support by Bach flowers

The Bach flower therapy is used not only for self-medication, but also by professionals such as psychologists, medical physicians oriented towards holistic medicine or alternative practitioners as spiritual support of other therapeutic options. Very individual flower mixtures come out depending on the character and symptoms.

Interestingly, Bach flowers are also used in veterinary medicine. The Bach flower concentrates should help to harmonize mental malpractices. Especially good results are - especially veterinary practitioners - in the treatment of acute mental disorders, such as anxiety and aggressiveness, behavioral disorders such as uncleanliness, achieved in emergencies of all kinds and mental support in difficult situations such as the vet visit.

What Bach flowers definitely can not do is cure serious and chronic diseases - they are not a substitute for conventional medical procedures.

No scientific proof of the effect

For the effect of the Bach Flower Therapy, there is still no scientifically proven evidence. Bach flowers are also not recognized as a medicine and therapies are not paid by the health insurance. In several studies, the effect could not be demonstrated. Chemically, the different Bach flower essences can not be distinguished, since the few plant ingredients that have been passed into the spring water are extremely diluted.

Professor Edzard Ernst from the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom conducted such an investigation a few years ago. He administered the emergency drops to selected students under exam stress. Half of the participants took Bachblüten essences after a detailed treatment plan, the other half got a placebo. The stress was measured before and after taking it.

The result: All participants were about equally stressed the evening before the exam. "But we certainly have not shown that all Bach flower Essences are ineffective for all medical applications, " Edzard Ernst restricts the results. And: Undisputed and x-proven scientifically proven is the placebo effect, which works on the principle of "The Faith Staggered Mountains".

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